We the undersigned respectfully petition you to support Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank and also defund the United Nations if they threaten to divide Jerusalem.

Please support UN budget language that says "contributions to the regularly assessed biennial budget of the United Nations...if the General Assembly adopts a resolution in favor of recognizing a state of Palestine outside of or prior to a final status agreement negotiated between, and acceptable to, the State of Israel and the Palestinians."

We also petition you to please stand: We pray you REJECT any two-state solution that divides the land of Israel, which violates the principle of Joel 3:2 and brings a curse upon America from Almighty God, and

We pray you REJECT any endorsement of 1967 borders which force Israel into a suicidal and indefensible military position, and

We pray you REJECT any proposal by the United Nations to force Israel to give up any "land for peace" or forfeit control of any part of Jerusalem, God's Holy City, and

We pray you help PROTECT Israel's original borders as given by God to Moses and Joshua in the days of the Bible circa 1500 B.C.